Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Crisp Leaves of Fall

Magnicent Autumn Trees

Colorful trees near stream

Colorful fall trees

Trees along stream

The crisp leaves of Fall are really starting to pop out from the rain we recently had here in Southern New England. These were taken at 2 different streams/rivers locally. You can see the difference in the colors from just a few short days ago. In just a few weeks the full colors of Fall should be all around us here. It is beautiful but we know what comes next.  

Is your area getting crisp colored leaves?


  1. These are lovely! Some trees are starting to turn more than others here.... so I see a lot of orange and green trees :)

  2. Very pretty. We are missing the fall season in VT this year, but I still read in the paper that the annual debate about whether or not this will be a bright or a dull year and why still goes on.

    1. Really Olga? I thought it would be colorful in Vermont now.

  3. Fall is such a pretty season. Love the beautiful colorful leaves. The water just adds to the beauty.