Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Quaint Old Inn From 1739 in Rhode Island

Joseph Stanton Inn

oldest inns of the United States

I was able to visit one of the oldest Inns in the United States last night and really enjoyed the quaintness of it along with the delicious food by Chris from  WorldsFareChef.  
It was just about an hour drive to Charlestown, RI near the beaches of the Atlantic ocean. 

This Inn was featured on the Ghost Hunters show in 2007 as people who stayed and worked at the Inn for years reported hearing strange noises and and sensations. Some claimed to have been tapped on the shoulder by a ghost. I didn't hear or see any last night. 

The Inn was named after Thomas Stanton who came from England at the age of 20. When first built the Inn was used for a schoolhouse for Indian children. I must go back to check out that room that is still there today.
One of Thomas's sons Joseph became one of the first United States senators. You can see and feel the rich history of this Inn throughout. 

Do you have any inns nearby that were built in the 1700's? 

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