Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Anxiety Is All Around Us Even Outdoors

The scene in Providence
The scene in Providence, RI today as a suspicoius backpack with wires was found

The bomb squad suiting up
The bomb squad suiting up

checking for a bomb
Checking for the bomb

Thumbs up
Thumbs Up - All was okay

The remote controlled robot used to detect bombs

People begin to fill the streets again

This was the scene from my window at work today after I returned from a meeting. The streets were empty and we noticed the yellow tape blocking the busy street off. There were no cars parked as usual, no pedestrians walking this street during what is a busy lunch hour. 

Then the bomb squad arrived. They came to remove a suspicious package. It had wires coming out of  backpack that contained a computer. If it were not for the events in Boston yesterday this probably would not have occurred today. 

It was a little unnerving until they gave the thumbs up that all was well. For a few moments some of thought if it was a bomb that went off and we were near the windows, what would have happened? 

My heart goes out to those in Boston yesterday. 

Were there extra precautions taken in your area today?

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