Thursday, November 22, 2012

Beautiful Christmas Ornaments at Providence Place Mall

big Christmas ornaments
Beautiful and big Christmas ornaments at Providence Place Mall

The view of a Christmas ornament from above

big snowflake ornament
The beautiful ornaments with a large snowflake and lights

ornaments close up front
They seemed so close you could almost touch these ornaments

large Christmas ornaments
It's amazing what you see when you look closely at this large Christmas ornament

The weather was too cold to walk outside so I thought I would walk at Providence Place Mall before black Friday and the frenzy of holiday shopping began. I did not plan on taking photos but these ornaments were so beautiful. I started with one shot and could not stop. I wonder how long it took them to put these beautiful Christmas ornaments up.
Did you notice what I did in the last photo?
How is your local mall decorated for the holidays?

You can see outside from the upper 3rd level at Providence Place Mall. It is a fantastic view of Waterplace Park where you may remember the many Waterfire pictures on a much warmer day.

Providence Place Park


  1. Hi Lisa,

    They are so BEAUTIFUL :) Really love the color and design.

    Oops... Didn't notice what's in the last photo :O


    1. Thanks Mayura, I won't give it away too soon. It took me a moment to realize it too.

  2. The Christmas decorations are beautiful -- I can understand why you couldn't stop taking pictures. Waterplace Park looks beautiful as well.

    1. Thanks George. It was so random. I didn't plan on taking them that day. I wanted to walk around the mall before the crowds came on Black Friday.

  3. Wow they are some huge ornaments.
    Don't know how the malls are decorated around here. I try to stay away from them at this time of year!! : )
    It's not too cold to walk outside, you're just not wearing the right clothes! : )

    1. They are! Loved them. You are right, I only had a light sweater and a light vest on. I need to dress warmer now - I don't want to walk at Mall when it get crowded.