Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Nature Trip Around The Yard

I went to check on the raspberries to find they must have already peaked and now are shriveled. They didn't used to peak until late June. It must have been the early spring we had.

I found some areas to be way overgrown. 

This has to be the ugliest weed. I once had  a bad dream that they grew so big I could not get away.

What is growing in your yard?


  1. Those are some pretty lil yeller flowers! Sorry about the raspberries. It's been pretty dry here. So I have to ask...are you taking those pics with a camera or your droid?

  2. Droid, never replaced the old camera.

    1. Hmm do you mind me asking what your settings are? Mine doesn't take great pics like that.

  3. Sure, I'll send you a DM, litttle lengthy.

  4. Great pictures. So much beauty is right in front of us if we just take time to look. Thanks for sharing.