Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Old Fort That Once Protected The Bay

A visit to the old fort that is now open to the public for viewing

Fort Adams

The fort was not always open to the public and was a site to always see when visiting Newport.
Fort Adams was built in 1824.

A map of the area and where the forts are located on the grounds.

Inside Fort Adams

The insides are preserved well on the upper part and the floors appear to be new or redone.

Fort Adams Canon

The old canon on display inside the old fort.

More of the grounds around the old fort in Newport, RI


The tunnels run throughout the fort complex.

A look inside the areas you cannot actual go inside to tour from the outside.

Fort Adams Backside

The back side of Fort Adams as you are leaving with a big flag waving above it.
You can also rent the fort for weddings and special occasions.

Have you visited any of America's old forts that once protected us?

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