Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Beautiful Sunset on a Very Cold Day

beautiful sunset

winter sunset

cold sunset

moon same time sunset
The Moon was rising at the same time as this sunset - wish I could have caught them together

temperature this a.m.
This morning started out very cold

snow forecast
The weekend forecast  - a double whammy of a storm may develop

Yesterday I was able to catch a sunset upon a hill through the trees. At the same time you could see the moon rising on the other side. It looks like almost a full moon is upon us. 

Is it very cold where you are this week? 


  1. Beautiful pics Lisa! Yep, we're a few degrees warmer than you but not much. Too dang frigid imo!

    1. Thanks Brenda, I was lucky to be out and about at that time and grab a few quick shots, it was neat to the see the moon at the same time. Way too COLD!

  2. Yes, it's been very cold - it was 7 yesterday morning and 13 today. Unusually cold for around here.

    1. Yes, brrr. Way too cold for me. But the sky was sure pretty in it.

  3. I like the rays in that 2nd photo. Lovely sunset.

    It did get cooler here today - only reached 70, and overnight will drop to 48 ... brrr.

    1. Thanks Rick, the colors have not been vibrant to get good shots lately. Can't wait until Spring. Lucky you at 70 degrees!