Saturday, February 9, 2013

Blizzard 2013 Photographs and Video During The Storm

blizzard 2013
The snow coming down at night of Blizzard 2013 

Heavy snow coming down
Snow comingdown  around 8 pm of February 8, 2013

Morning snow fall in blizzard 2013
The morning of February 9, 2013 blizzard

morning snow
The snow still falling on February 9, 2013

ruler in blizzard 2013
Total snow accumulations as of 7:30 a.m. February 9, 2013
The Blizzard of 2013 was forecast correctly as it is still snowing here in Rhode Island. The wind was really howling overnight. We still have a few hours left to go with this snowstorm.
It still does not compare to the 1978 Blizzard which left up to 40" of snow in some areas of Rhode Island. I was stuck at school for a week. It was fun back then!

How many inches of snow do you think we'll end up with for the 2013 Blizzard?


  1. Hi Lisa,

    Thank you so much for the video uploaded here as I had no idea whatsoever how it could be dear :) Photos helps too, but video is the best.

    1978 was fun? :) I thought you had much of a horrible memory of it though.

    I can see more shoveling time is coming for you Lisa. Isn't it? :)

    My count says it would be nearly 30" :D lol

    Be safe there dear :)


    1. Thanks - thought you would enjoy the video having never seen snow before. It is still coming down. I must get offline to go and get more shots. I didn't get to do that in '78. We could not go outside, doors were covered from drifts - could not get out.

  2. That is a lot of snow. I remember visiting a friend in RI around 1994ish and p to an waking up to more snow than I had ever seen in my life--and I have lived in VT for a long time. Stay snug.

    1. It sure is, thanks Olga. So far power is on.

  3. Fabulous pics Lisa! I'm glad ya'll still have your power too. Is it over? We dodged the bullet here. Got rain but over night it left us a teeny dusting of snow. Ever think of moving south? ;)

    1. It's not over yet though it looks like it's winding down. I feel bad for those without power, it may be days that they will be without it.

  4. Hi Lisa,

    It's really cool! I feel like I'm near to it! How was the temperature at that time dear? Thank you a lot to share this. Because we couldn't see the blizzard in here. :)

    1. It was in the low 30's high 20's but has been doing down since. Down to 9 degrees tonight. Are you in New England Too?

  5. That sure is a lot of snow and a storm you won't soon forget!!

  6. Happyone, that's for sure, still sore. But not as bad as 1978 when I got stuck in school. Are you getting any from the next possible round?