Sunday, July 14, 2013

Summer in the Little City

pretty pink flowers
Gorgeous Pink Flowers

city flowers
Colorful Orange and Pink Flowers

Love the Old Architecture in the City

colorful flowers in city
Flowers Are Everywhere in the City

yellow flowers tiger lillies
Big Yellow Tiger Lillies

city hills
The Hills Are A Challenge to Walk

I finally had a chance to walk the city during lunch this week and the flowers were so pretty. They look so different from season to season. You may remember last fall how the flowers rich colors looked. Even the Spring flowers have different colors.
The architecture always makes me stop on my walk to look and wonder how they built that building so many years ago. 
The hills are great for you that like to exercise as I do. 
They can be a challenge to walk up and down!

Are you seeing all kinds of flowers this time of the year? 
Do you have Tiger Lillies near you? 


  1. Wow! You're always showing up with the best flower pics! So jealous. Working in the "boonies" you don't get to see awesome things at lunch. I have done weeks flowers growing out back if my house in the brush. Their actually pretty. I should snap em sometime. Thanks for sharing Lisa. Love the architecture.

    1. Hi Bren, I'm surprised since you are in the same type of climate though it doesn't get as cold there in the winter. or it's just the area of your work? Thanks for coming by and love sharing them!

  2. I like both the flowers and the architecture you came across on your walk. I hope you get the opportunity for more walks and more photos. I hope you're having a great weekend.

    1. Thanks George. I hope so too, I'm on road more so don't get to walk as often. I always have the camera ready just in case. It's been good, hope yours is too George.

  3. That is a lovely look at your city.

    1. Thank you Olga, I love taking pictures - it relaxes me too :)

  4. Love the pics Lisa, especially the old buildings.

    We still have some old vintage buildings downtown and they are working on a beautification project adding flowers and landscaping...can't wait until it's all complete so I can take a walk or use one of the public bicycles to enjoy the view.

    I bet it is therapeutic strolling and taking pictures....

    1. Thanks Corina. I'd love to see your area too. It is therapeutic but it's too hot this week to be walking outdoors at lunchtime - or I'd have to shower and re-dress:) Thanks for coming by and checking out the photos.