Sunday, September 22, 2013

Ready Or Not Fall Is Here With Colorful Photos


Instagram Embeds
Thanks to Mayura for inspiring me to embed the above photo from instagram to share with you today. If you are using Blogger for your blog he is a person to follow for the best tips and tricks using Blogger.

Fall Officially Arrives

It was a beautiful day here in southern New England to usher in Autumn though it did start out with some rain. You can see from a friend's blog in Vermont it was quite foggy there. As you can see below it cleared up quite nicely around here.

Love how the clouds appears here too and it is so hard to get pictures without wires.

Just a beautiful day!

Can you see the mill's reflection in this photo?

I played with the camera settings once again so I believe you will be able to click on the images above and see them larger. 

It won't be long before the pumpkins are everywhere and the temperature's plunge here. 
Are you ready?


  1. I'm starting to see the pumpkins all over here now and have bought one already.
    I forgot that it was the first day of Fall until you mentioned it!

  2. Autumn has had a beautiful start in your part of the world. We're starting to see some color in the mountains of Tennessee, but we have a few weeks to go before peak color.

  3. Very pretty pictures. It's been cooling off just a little here. Not sure I see any color change yet though. Will have to check out the embed feature you mention. I've just been saving photos to my computer from instagram.

  4. Great pics Lisa. So beautiful. Pumpkins are here and everywhere! Fall has finally arrived. High of 67 today here :)

  5. I checked out the instagram info link. Interesting and intimidating.

  6. So glad Mayura encouraged you to share these...absolutely beautiful!

  7. Thanks Corina, I finally got it together with the Instagram :) Ever since I saw his post on it, had to try it out. Thanks for coming by here too Corina.

  8. Hey Lisa,

    Bright and greeny photos up here! ;) Can see part of mill's reflection too.

    It's really nice to see you embedded a photo from Instagram :) Easy and nicey. Isn't it? Seems you have played with some filters too. I think the embed feature works pretty well for photo bloggers.

    Ha ha... Pumpkins will be all over very soon ;) Looking forward to your post with pumpkins.

    Thanks for the mention and glad to see embed feature in action Lisa :)

    Enjoy your week dear!


  9. Thanks to you Mayura, the only thing about embedding images is we can't pin them, yet that is, right? I have to find some pumpkins soon - I love them. Thanks for the tips and tricks! Have a great week too there Mayura.