Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Last Look at the Beautiful Fall Foliage in New England

view from the airplane
Flying back to the Northeast after being in Arizona as the sun set

colorful trees at the pond
The beautiful colors at the pond

colorful fall trees
The colorful trees and water at the pond

The leaves sure pilled up

sunset over the trees
A gorgeous sunset that made me stop and take a few photos and note the leaves have all fallen

Coming back home from the warm Southwest was not easy. Fall was upon us in Southern New England and the temperatures began to fall. (No more shorts anad sandals). The beauty of the Fall season could be found everywhere. The colors could be seen at their best at sunset as I drove home from work. It's back to the routine as the seasons change and winter will arriving in a month's time. 

What is you favorite season to watch the beauty of nature?


  1. Fall is beautiful in New England, but far too fleeting.

  2. Your leaf photos are fabulous! We don't get those intense colors where I live. Mostly, everything goes from green to brown...