Saturday, May 31, 2014

A Tranquil Night at the Beach in Photos

beach in Narragansett, RI
Panormaic View of Narraganett Coast, Rhode Island

Cloudy skies at Narragansett
Narragansett Coast of Rhode Island Behind a Clam Shack

dark skies at beach
Dark and Clear Skies off Narragansett Coast 

beach sand
Sand at Galilee Beach, Rhode Island

Galilee, Rhode Island
The View from the Pier in Galilee (Narragansett, RI)
It was another wake that brought me to the coast of Narragansett  last night and I thought I would take a ride to view the beautiful scenery of the beaches. It was very tranquil with few people around. The weather was cloudy and rainy away from the coast so many people did not venture out to the beaches. 

Have you been to visit the beaches or coastline in your area yet or do you wait for warmer weather in June to enjoy them?

Which photo is your favorite view? My favorite photograph is the last one off the coast of Galilee, a fishing village in Rhode Island. 


  1. I think my fav pic is the dark and clear skies but all of them are awesome! I used to love going to our beaches in the summer but they are so overly crowded anymore it's just not enjoyable. Then I used to go during the winter but for some reason, they just don't seem as peaceful and serene anymore. I think I'm just disgusted with them here. Once you swim in the Gulf of Mexico, it's hard to picture Delaware beaches as anything other than dirty. ;)

    Love your pics Lisa!

  2. Awesome Lisa! I love the last image. So serene and peaceful. Thanks!

  3. They are all beautiful. I like the deserted looking beach.

  4. I love the name of this beach, Lisa, and it looks a peaceful place. The images of the seascape are all beautiful, but I like the idea of being able to walk on the pier so that you are close by the water. I like seeing the houses across the bay knowing there are folk there and one is able to enjoy the peace and quiet of an empty shore yet people are nearby.

  5. I don't think I can pick a favorite -- all of these photos are beautiful. We haven't been to the coast in Rhode Island, but we go to our favorite North Carolina beach in early May, before most of the tourists get there.

    By the way, the Double Delight rose on my post is a hybrid tea, so it was bred to produce those colors.