Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Black Sand Beach of Iceland

Beautiful Black Sand Beaches

Iceland black beach

Iceland Cave at Black Beach

sunet at black rock beach

crashing waves at black sand beach

Iceland beach

This was the beautiful black sand beach that we visited in Iceland. The world-famous Reynisfjara Shore, near the village of Vik in Myrdaulur on Iceland's South Coast, is widely regarded as the most impressive black-sand beach in all of Iceland. It amazed me how strong the waves were and how windy it was there. 

Just like at the Glacier Lagoon it felt cold with the whipping winds. We were told it was a very dangerous beach as each year several people get sweeped away by the waves. We were told not to turn out backs on the water. Last year a couple having their picture taken got sweeped right out to sea to never return.

I would have loved to go into that cave but was told that the waves could take you away in there as well. The Halsanefshellier cave was where the movie Noah was filmed.

Have you ever visited a black sand beach?

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