Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Contrasts of Iceland

More Iceland Photos

Iceland docks

Icelandic horses of Iceland

waterfalls in Iceland

Reykjavik at Christmas time

Reykjavik restaurant

Reykjavik at night

Iceland is surrounded by water with sharp contrasts. From the seaside to the countryside you will see beautiful nature in many of its forms. (Like the spectacular glaciers) You can see the quiet seaside view from the first photo above. There are many beautiful waterfalls south of the city too.

Along the countryside you see the beautiful horses. The Icelandic horses are small. (They do look like ponies). They are only raised in Iceland and live a long time. (One lived to 56!)  If an owner wants to take the horse out of their country, it can never return again via Icelandic laws. Many people over the years have taken the horses to Europe and North America where they remain.

By nature these Icelandic horses have a double coat to withstand the cold country. They rarely get sick since no other horses are in their territory to spread disease. Even the farming equipment must be fully disinfected.

Then you have the city of Reykjavik. Reykjavik is a quaint city by the water. It comes alive at night. We were there in December and the sun did not come up until 11 a.m. and sunset was around 4 pm. People were not on the streets until around 11 am and it was crowded from midnight on. 

People who live in this city are not allowed to have dogs. They must get the consent of all their neighbors and go through the city for a license. Then when a dog is imported from outside the country it must be quarantined for a months before coming to the city home. Icelandic people are germ phobic.  

There are many restaurants, bars and shops in the city of Reykjavik. If you shop there you are taxed 35% on goods but if you spend over a certain amount (average $10 or more) you can get that tax money back when you go through customs flying back home. 

Have you ever visited Iceland or would you want to go?

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