Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Brush From Sandy Inland Southern New England

Red sky on October 29
The start of October 29 before Sandy hit - a tinge of redness in the sky
The Hurricane Barrier in Providence
I stopped on my way into work to see the Hurricane Barrier that was closed for high tide
A Reminder of the 1938 Hurricane in downtown Providence
Pawtuxet River
The Pawtuxet River still in repairs from March floods of  2 years ago
Just before the height of the storm - the old tree's branches were coming down quickly but the tree survived
tree on house
Tree on house less than a 1 mile from our house the following day
birds in park
Birds in park mid-day in Providence the day after 

The day ended with more heavy rain
We were very fortunate away from the coast for the most part as others did lose power and had trees fall on their property from Hurricane Sandy. We did get more heavy rains and thunder but luckily there was a Weather Channel  weatherman nearby who answered me via a tweet as an alert came through but wasn't clear about the severeness of the impending thunderstorm:

You may see other storm photos at The Providence Journal Website from throughout the area and along the coastline that was hit hard.
You can also check out their arial shots just in too from the RI Dot.

My thoughts go out to those hit in NY and NJ and other areas severally affected by Sandy's destructive path.


  1. The last photo is really beautiful with the leaves in the water. Amazing that devastation and beauty can coexist in this way.

  2. Yes, it was really odd mid day being so nice and in the 60's with sun, the heavy rains did return later in the day.