Monday, October 29, 2012

The Calm Before The Storm

beautiful fall leaves
The calm leaves on October 28, 2012 awaiting #Sandy
fall leaves
Where will these leaves end up after #Sandy?

Fall in the town
Beautiful fall town scene

#Sandy's forecast
Today's forecast
The storm has strengthened overnight and the barometric pressure may rival that of the Hurricane of 1938! 

I have heard stories for years from my grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles about the 1938 hurricane. Perhaps that's why I'm a weather hound today.

I love Twitter and been following #Sandy and #SandyRI for the latest updates. It is the quickest way to get info.

I hope everyone stays safe during this big storm! 


  1. This looks really bad. Do what it takes to stay safe. We expect high winds here in VT but right now they say no flooding. I did hear that every state east of the Mississippi River will be affected.

  2. Thanks Olga, it sure is a huge storm and amazing to reach Mississippi River as well. Stay safe yourself in VT.

  3. Really? '38 hurricane made you so much interested in weather? :) May be you are hearing their experiences had at that time as this one pops up by now.

    Be safe dear :)


  4. Just realized you may lose the internet. I will have to give you a call if things turn bad out there. I'll be checking up on ya.