Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Late Colors of Fall Around The Mill

Colorful trees near waterfall
The beauty of trees near the mill and dam

Fall colorful trees near mill
You can still see the damage from the March floods

Beautiful fall color trees
This picture was from a different area of another mill

colorful leaves of Autumn
These leaves were so pretty with their colors

small leaves
These little leaves caught my attention

the glory of fall colors
A different angle of the dam and trees

Yellow leaves
A different part of the mill with beautiful yellow leaves

The walking path
So many leaves already have fallen

The varying of the temperatures lately have made the leaves colors pop out and the rain and wind made them fall as well. It was a beautiful warm Fall day recently for a walk and time for a few of nature's views.
Have the leaves all fallen in your area yet?


  1. I am so glad you posted these. I know we had talked about it when we did our video chat. Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures!

    1. Thanks Susan, glad we got to chat. Do you have any colors like this on your side of the country?