Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sandy Visited The River Walk Where March Floods Did Major Damage

Tree down at River Walk
This tree was downed by Sandy 

Twisted Trees
These trees branches were a mess from Sandy

Gorgeous tree
The color of this tree just left me speechless

More trees down in the background from Sandy

Mess from Sandy at Riverwalk
Another big tree down by Sandy

The old mill
There is still some color left at the River Walk

Damage at River Walk from Sandy
More damage from Sandy and the March flood mess remains from almost 3 years ago around the renovated mill now condo's

tree stump almost over the dam
A big tree stump down from Sandy almost going over the dam

WW RiverWalk
The sign still remains but others areas with info are no longer readable

the other dam
The other dam from a nearby empty mill with remnants from the great March floods

I wanted to go for a walk Saturday to get away from the computer. It was a beautiful Fall day and I was headed to the track but a football game was being played. So I went to the river walk. I was in awe by the scenes I found there. Between the beautiful colors still around the dam you could also see  damage Sandy brought to it. Some of the damage you see here was caused by the March Floods from 2+ years now in Rhode Island. But many more trees were down from Sandy. 

It was so beautiful and pristine when this walk was first built not that long ago. It is such a shame to see it with downed trees and not being worked on. Maybe some volunteers could come together and begin a clean-up.  We are forecast to get more heavy rains and wind this upcoming week. I sure hope the folks still reeling from Sandy can be spared this dreaded forecast. 

Did your area get many trees down from Sandy's path?


  1. Fab pics Lisa! Looking out my back yard, down into our woods, I see several trees that were snapped in half and several that have been uprooted. There is a creek that marks our property line, however, during Sandy, that water quickly rose. I'm glad that there is a teeny hill leading down into our woods or we could have been flooded out. I hope this next storm is easy on all of us.

    1. Thanks Brenda. It's amazing how much damage weather can do in a short period of time. I sure hope so too.

  2. We did not get the high winds that were being predicted by some fluke of thermodynamics. The riverwalk is lovely. I hope some group steps up to take care of it.

    1. Thanks Olga, did you get much rain from Sandy up there?

  3. I saw lots of trees down from Sandy all along the paths that I walk.

  4. It is amazing the power of nature isn't it Happyone? I visited the coastline yesterday and saw how much the ocean moved the sand - sad to see it in buildings and homes though. I will be posting some pics soon of it all.