Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Shoreline in RI Now Changed by Sandy

broken fence at beach
The fence that used to divide the parking lot from the beach
beach and erosion
Hard to tell where the beach now starts and ends
beach parking lot
East Matunuck Beach - The Parking Lot After Sandy Visited
calm ocean
A much calmer ocean after Sandy at RI coastline
Skips Dock
Skips Dock where I've had lunch just a few months prior to Sandy and many spent summers jumping off this dock
Jim's Dock
A restaurant that was (I believe Jim's Dock)
docks along the ocean after Sandy
If you knew this area this beach was 1/2 the size it is now along the dock area
broken docks from Sandy's storm
More broken docks along the shoreline
Helicopters could still be seen  all around a week after Sandy hit the coastline of RI
birds near ocean
Even this bird seemed in awe of the changing coastline from Sandy

I had a chance of the weekend to visit the shoreline of RI. Some coastal areas were still closed off by the National Guard but I was able to see quite the damage caused by Sandy's storm. It really is something to see for yourself vs. watching on TV. If you view this photo from the arial taken prior to Sandy you will see how the coastline has changed.
You can also see my photos from being on the same dock back in July.
I have so many photos from the coastline from this past weekend that I will have to do another post soon to share the rest from the Point Judith area. 

Do you still see damage from the storm in your area?


  1. We usually make a trip to Jerusalem in August--Jim's and Skips (the best, freshest lobster I have ever had). It is so sad to see these pictues, buts thanks for sharing them. We were wondering how the area was affected.

    1. Hi Olga - yes it is sad, we sure hope they can rebuild them.

  2. How devastating. :( I've only seen pics of ours and it's upsetting. Nature can be so cruel sometimes.

    1. Yes, it was just so odd to see. Hope they can rebuild.

  3. Those are amazing differences. Mother Nature or God can pack a punch we humans can not endure. I feel for those dealing with this disaster. Thanks for visiting my site, too. fun!

    1. You are welcome Ranae, yes and it is so odd to see what the ocean can do in a short period of time.

  4. It is devastating. Water and wind - so powerful!!

  5. That is so much sad, too. My heart goes to all those with losses. Thanks for showing us, some up close views.

  6. You are welcome Mary - and for those that got snow on top of it all yesterday - I can't imagine. I hope this is a not a sign of the winter ahead.