Sunday, December 2, 2012

Signs of Christmas Coming in the Air

Christmas Trees
These Christmas trees looked so pretty with snow on the tree farm
Holly covered in snow
Pretty holly decoration covered in snow
beautiful ribbon
A beautiful ribbon outside of a store
the black cat
The following day the snow was gone as you can see this cat on the lawn
Signs of Christmas have started to show as December rang in a little dusting of snow. It did not last long as you can see a cat sitting comfortably outside the following day on the lawn. It looks like we may have to visit the mall to enjoy more sights of Christmas.

Has it started to look like Christmas outdoors near you?


  1. Wow! Love your new header! The snow there looks so pretty, even if it's a lil bit. I'm so anxious for snow! Love your pics Lisa.

    1. Thanks Brenda, I finally was able to use one of my photos there :) Wish I could send you some snow! (But today is was 60 degrees!)

  2. Love the red and gold ribbon.
    It started looking like Christmas around here before Thanksgiving!!!

    1. That's right early snow again this year. Did it warm up there recently like here today? We hit 60 degrees.

  3. Hi Lisa,

    Nicey :) I feel like I wanna touch the snow. Never seen myself though.

    I think you have to wait few more days or weeks to roads get blocked, no?

    No sign of snow here... Well, I'll be honest, never snow here ;)


    1. That's amazing - you have never seen it, you and many others too. It's up to 60 degrees today though. It usually comes around Christmas while it can PILE up and get roads blocked and all. Not fun :)