Sunday, February 24, 2013

Why Has The Old Ballfield Shrunk?

Why do old ballfields shrink? 

old baseball field
The old dugout

old ballfield
The other dugout and infield that seems so small now

one of the dugouts
Many a day and night was in the old dugout near homeplate

I remember we call drank from the same jug in this dugout and I ended up with mono one season

The old pitching pound I pitched from many a game

The old team together

I had an opportunity to stop by the old ballfield before the snow came along a few weeks ago and was amazed how small it now seems. I remembered playing softball there like it was yesterday. I can almost name everyone in the picture of the old team, The Red Devils. 

Can you tell which girl I am in the picture? 
Have you been to any of your old ballfields or places you played as a kid?     


  1. This is fabulous Lisa! Whoa! Taking me back in the day too however I never played ball. My brother did and I was the "bat girl" and the lil girl who supplied the cute team players with bubble gum. :)

    If I had to guess I would say, either the the 3rd of 4th from the left on the bottom row OR the 2nd from the right bottom row.

    Sometimes when I head up north, I drive by my childhood house and elementary school. A lot of good memories there.

    1. I started as a "bat girl" when my older sister played. Bottom row answer is correct.

  2. The world seems so big when you're a kid, and when you return to old haunts, you wonder how you fit a whole life into such a small place. I'm guessing you are 3rd from the left, bottom row.

  3. Hi Lisa,

    Whoosh... That's really nice to see your softball team :) Remind me of mine, well it's Cricket here. Now folks play mobile games mostly though :D How old is that photo Lisa?

    You may be the 2nd in middle row or 3rd in last row from left ;) Am I wrong? Could be :D lol...


    1. Thanks Mayura. Cricket huh? I think I played that once. I won't admit how old it is, but it's in color. 2nd from right on bottom with glasses :)