Saturday, March 23, 2013

The View From a Small Airport

I noticed this last week on the last day of winter driving by. What beautiful views they were from a small little local airport.  It was like you could see for miles.

And the day when Spring arrived - we started with snow.

It seems the snow will never stop falling this year. 

Has Spring really arrived where you are now?


  1. Great pics Lisa! Spring is suppose to be here. The trees are starting to bloom, a few bees, wasps, and flies have showed their ugly heads, and a few patches of grass are peeking through. But it's still COLD in my area and we're still getting flurries off and on but never any accumulation. Very odd winter for us, I'm almost dreading the summer and all it's oddness coming. Hope you get a reprieve up the soon!

    1. Thanks Brenda. I know, I haven't seen any bees or wasps around here yet. I hope we do too, at least it's a snowless weekend :)

  2. Great photos Lisa! March is certainly going out like a "Lion" this year!

  3. Winter is reluctant to leave Tennessee as well. But hopefully Spring will arrive one of these days. I enjoyed your photos from the airport.