Thursday, October 3, 2013

October Came In With Bright Colors and Warmth

October came in warm and sunny with the colors of the trees getting vibrant. What a difference a few weeks has made! It looks like Fall but feels like summer. The pond looked beautiful one morning on my way to work. The city at lunchtime was fabulous with temps near 80's and blue skies.
The Old Farmer's Almanac has us down for a cold and snowy winter. I'm hoping their will NOT be snow and ice on the pumpkins like a few winters ago.

How is Fall looking and feeling in your area?

Here is a peek at the oldest mall in the country making a comeback. 
You can make your photos on instagram in black and white. 

I've been playing with size of my images - do you like the larger images better or not?


  1. Beautiful pics Lisa! I really love the colors! Oh and I like the size of the pics at top ;)

  2. Looks like a beautiful fall there. Great photos.
    Its very colorful and pretty here in western Md too.

  3. Gorgeous pics, as always! I think it's going to be a mild winter... there are a lot of acorns on the ground at the park where I take the dogs. So the squirrels aren't stocking them away for a tough winter! Old wives tale?

  4. Those colors are amazing!!!

  5. Brilliant colors and gorgeous reflections. We've had a fantastic Indian summer - sunny with temps in the low 70s. Sun is ending tomorrow but staying mild for the next week (at least).

  6. Fabulous photos and I am so jealous. We go from green to brown with no beautiful colors. I would love to be able to photograph all the pretty colors...

  7. Thanks, I'm sorry you don't get these type of colors Cowgirl, they are great to see.