Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Polar Bears Loved Hanging Around At The Zoo

polar bear
Mommy bear hanging around at the zoo

baby polar bear
Baby bear sleeping on a tree

polar bear
Just hanging around at the zoo

polar bear walking
Panda bear finally gets up

polar bear going for a stroll
Panda bear going for a stroll at the zoo
polar bear
And the Polar bear hanging around too.

kola bear hanging
A Koala bear just hanging around a tree sleeping.

While we were in the San Diego area we had to stop at the world famous San Diego Zoo. This zoo sprawls out over 40 acres and we spent at least 4 hours walking through it. They have over 3,700 different animals with the polar bears being the most popular exhibit. These panda bears are an endangered species.  

They mostly eat bamboo but panda bears will eat small mammals if they can move fast enough to catch them. They really are an adorable bear to watch and a must see at the San Diego Zoo. 

Another adorable bear was the Kola bear just hanging on to the tree as it slept. One wonders how comfortable that can really be.

Have you seen any panda,  polar or koala bears at a zoo?

Here is one of my first Vine video's - if you know how to change from horizontal to vertical please let me know as I shot this one horizontal.  Vine is just a 6 second video platform made for Twitter. Have you tried Vine yet? 
(If you do try it out be sure to shoot all your video's vertically as you can see why here.)

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  1. Aww panda and koala bears are a FAV of mine! They just look so dang cuddly! Really enjoying seeing pics from your trip. I hope you'll have more! I used Vine a few times but wasn't a fan of it so sorry Lisa, can't help ya there :/