Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Goldfield Ghost Town on the Apache Trail

Apache Trail in Arizona
The Apache Trail in Arizona.

Goldfield - The Ghost Town.

The shops at Goldfield
Many shops like this one in Goldfield.

the old town of Goldfield
Part of the old town looking very authentic.

More of the Apache Trail.

riding through the apache trail
A beautiful ride through the beginning of the Apache Trail.

We went back to Arizona  after visiting La Jolla Beach and visited the Goldfield Ghost Town located in the Apache Trail. It was where high grade gold ore was found back in 1892. It was a beautiful ride to the Goldfield Ghost Town with greenery and clear blue skies.

There were many authentic buildings there - many which were commercialized and selling products. There were restaurants too. I really loved the cactus plants throughout this trail in Arizona. 
Do you like the look of cactus plants?
Have you ever visited an old gold mining town?

More photos coming soon of the other spots on the Apache Trail including a beautiful lake.


  1. What a beautiful place to visit. I really like your photos.

  2. Great photos and yes to both your questions.

  3. Gosh... Look at that sky :) Love the blueness!

    First pic reminds me of a movie scene surrounded by cowboys ;) Cactus are unforgettable. Love it!

    Were you able to go into shops too Lisa? A panoramic photo / view of the city must be awesome :)


  4. Loved the photos, Lisa! There's a huge Cactus Garden in San Diego, so I have see many there, but I've never been to a Ghost Town. Must have been fun. :-)