Friday, November 1, 2013

Why I Fell In Love With La Jolla Beach in Southern California

beautiful La Jolla beach
I loved the long walk along the La Jolla beach.

clear ocean at La Jolla beach
The ocean water was so clear and clean.

boats off of La Jolla beach
The views were spectacular along the way.

Boats in the Pacific Ocean near La Jolla and the soft sand was beautiful.

Sea Lions at La Jolla Beach sleeping
A sea lion taking a nap along the La Jolla beach.

sea lions at La Jolla
Many sea lions enjoyed the coast of La Jolla Beach in Southern CA.

We went to La Jolla (in the San Diego area)  to visit the Sunny Jim Cave and I didn't realize how beautiful the beaches would be there. I was surprised to see a beautiful long walk along the Pacific ocean and sea lions at one end of it. It was a spectacular view. 

I could not decide if it was better than being at the cliff walk in Newport. The wonderful thing about La Jolla is the temperature is perfect all year round. Average temperature is 75 degrees. How I would love to live near there.

Would you love to live in another area where the weather is better?


  1. The CA coast is beautiful. I leave VT for FL in the winter, in partial answer to your question. I wonder if there is a place that is ideal all the time.

  2. Just a minor clarification. La Jolla is not in the San Diego area. La Jolla is a neighborhood in San Diego - just like Pacific Beach, Ocean Beach and Hillcrest.

  3. Beautiful pics Lisa! I would love temps of 70's year round. Wonder what the sharks are like along the coast there?

  4. Gorgeous photos, Lisa! The California coast is so beautiful. In Oct. 2010, I drove from San Diego to Santa Maria and back, (6 hrs. each way) to visit a friend. Kept stopping to enjoy the view and take pictures. :-) Glad you enjoyed your vacation.

  5. I like the three different water colors in the second picture.
    No, I like all four seasons. : )

  6. The scenery is absolutely beautiful. I also like the different colors of the water. It's easy to see why you liked it so much when you were there.