Friday, December 13, 2013

Visiting the 9/11 Memorial on a Rainy December Day in New York

the 9/11 memorial on a rainy day
It was a cold rainy day in New York City.

9/11 memorial directions
Do we really need these directions before entering? 

the towers at 9/11 memorial
 Continuous waterfall are at where each tower stood. Notice the trees still in bloom? 

The 9/11 names
The names of those that were killed on that day.

never forget
A tribute to the firemen of 9/11.
firemen of 9/11
A beautiful piece of artwork dedicated to the firemen of 9/11.

It was a dreary day when we visited New York City. We took a subway from Grand Central Station to visit the 9/11 memorial. We were surprised at the hawkers around the memorial trying to sell books and the such from such a tragic event. 

Do you think we really needed that sign with directions as we entered the tribute? There were also signs of what not to bring in - guns, weapons, etc. 

The waterfalls at each of the towers was absolutely beautiful. It was amazing to see the trees still in bloom as it was mid December in New York. There were the only trees in bloom around this entire area. You could read the names clearly there. You could also look them up on a computer on another wall to find your loved ones name. 

Just outside the tribute is where we saw the tribute to the brave firemen who gave up their lives that day to save others. It reminded me of a local art made by children to remember that awful day.

We did not pre-purchase tickets but if you go in better weather you want to do that so it won't be sold out. You can check their website for more details. It is hard to believe it's been 12 years since this tragic event took place. 

Have you visited the 9/11 memorial? 
Is it something you would want to see?


  1. Great pics Lisa! I'd love to go someday!

  2. This was nice seeing the photos. I would really love to go sometime to visit the memorial....