Sunday, February 9, 2014

Nature At Its Best With A Snow Covered Beach

The snow covered rocks at the beach

snow covered beach

sandy and snow covered beach

the rocks covered in snow

Lighthouse with snow

I've always wanted to see the beach covered in snow and I had the opportunity the other day when I had a client meeting 4 minutes from the beach after the day of a 5" snowfall. This winter's cold and snow has not stopped though it was not as much as last February's snowstorm.

It was very peaceful to spend a couple of minutes taking a few shots of the snow covered beach. It seems a little ironic to be at a beach and see snow covered rocks and sand. But the cold air really put reality in it's place.

Have you ever visited the beach in the snow?


  1. How beautiful Lisa! It's amazing the differences in the beaches between Rhode Island and Delaware. Very little rocky areas here, just all sand and dirty water. As a child, I traveled through the New England area and I remember stopping by the beaches and loving it. I have it on my bucket list to travel to the area again in the future!

  2. Lisa, The beach in the winter is gorgeous. It's also pretty spectacular when there are hurricanes too. Some of our favorite spots include the Cliff Walk in Newport RI, Sandy Nook in Truro and Horseneck Beach in Westport.

    Thanks for sharing. It makes me want to grab a camera and go for a ride.

  3. Beautiful photos Lisa. I've not spent much time on New England beaches, other than a week camping in Maine. Like Bren said, so different than the NJ and DE beaches around here!

  4. No beaches here at the farm so enjoyed these photos!