Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Winter Snow and Cold in New England

snow covered reservoir
A beautiful view around the reservoir.

big snow flakes
Big snowflakes came down one day a few weeks ago very quickly.

snow at the track
The Track where I thought I was going for a walk one morning. It was not covered at my house but just a few miles away it was.

Snowing gif image
Loving the GIF images that Google Plus now turns photos into.

This winter has brought some snow and very cold weather. February tends to have the most snow each year. You may remember last year's blizzard in February here. By this time of the year many people start to get tired of the snow - having to deal with very cold weather, shoveling and moving around in snow covered roads and sidewalks. 

If you use Google Plus your photo's taken by an Android phone now may become GIF images - there is no knowing which images will turn to GIF but if they have movement like snow falling it happens about in 1 out of 2 photos. Do you like the GIF images? If you have an iPhone does it work with them as well? 

Are you ready for more snow this winter or have you had enough in your area? 

You may have noticed me MIA from here lately, you can read more here at my other blog on why.


  1. I'll admit that I'm tired of winter. It's not the snow that bothers me as much as the extreme cold we've had in January here on the Plateau in Tennessee.

  2. Watching it snow in your pictures is plenty enough for me.

  3. I'm actually enjoying the snowy winter. : )

  4. I know we haven't had nearly as cold weather as you have but I am certainly done with winter. The pictures you shared a beautiful!

    Happy Monday Lisa!

  5. Beautiful winter photos! It is cold here and I am about ready for spring!!