Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Snow That Was in Southern New England From Hercules

The storm Hercules did not leave us a lot of snow like others in Massachusetts had received. We got a good 6-8" of snow around this area. I felt like I was driving all alone to work that morning and the city streets were the worst for not being plowed well. 
Of course what followed was a steep drop in temperatures. It plunged to -5 overnight.  It did give us more snow than we had received in December. It looks like it may not stay around for long as temperatures are expected to hit the 40's with rain in the coming days.

Did the storm Hercules bring you more snow in your area?
 How low did your temperatures go?


  1. Beautiful pictures, Lisa! I forgot about this website of yours. Thank you for sharing such great pics!

  2. Beautiful Lisa! We got about 6" where I am and of course, the State Offices closed which gave me the day off from work. Woohoo!! Unfortunately, it was way too cold to stay outside long with Titan on Friday. He kept getting ice stuck between his toes and and toe nails. This morning when I woke up at 8 am, it was 2 degrees. Record lows for us. Hubs said at 6 am, his truck thermometer said -1. Yikes! Now that I had my 6" of snow, Spring is more than welcome to come now. :)

  3. We are having a "cold snap" here in Florida, but it is still better than this season in Vermont.