Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring is in the Sky - Photographs

very blue skies

blue skies of spring

sunrise in the sky

Today marks Spring officially on our calendars. It may not feel like it quite yet but the skies are showing signs that Spring is here. Today's temperatures will reach into the 50's here but if we look ahead to next week's forecast there is still some snow in it. At least most of the snow is gone but you can still see some snow here and there.  

Has Spring literally arrived in your area yet or are you still having winter weather where you are? 
It does seem that the past few years we went right into summer from winter.


  1. Hi Lisa,

    Ah... SPRING SNOW! Hope you are thrilled about the arrival of Spring :) This time Winter lasted long than last year?

    Wow... Where did you take the last photo? Amazing colors in it! Plus, love the sky colors in other snaps.


  2. It's rather nice out here today Lisa. I'm soooo ready for Spring now! They say almost 70 on Saturday! Woohoo!! Great pictures!

  3. What pretty blue skies. Spring weather will be here soon. : )

  4. We are ready for spring! Pretty photos....Fabulous color in the clouds!