Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunsets Later in April with Time Change in Photos

It was a nice sunny day yesterday in Southern New England. The temps hit in the mid 50's and with some wind.  I could not resist going for a walk at sunset time. The extra time we gained from the time change last month has really given us longer sunsets and more time in the evening to be outdoors and enjoy nature. 

I passed the soldier that stands in front of the high school I used to attend years ago. I could not remember where the soldier came from - you can read via the plaque above the history behind it.

I noticed a difference from the mid march skies just a few weeks ago.

As you can see from this chart below, each day gives us 2 more minutes of daylight this month. 

Rising and setting times for the Sun

   Length of daySolar noon
DateSunriseSunsetThis dayDifferenceTimeAltitudeDistance
(million mi)
Apr 6, 20146:20 AM7:17 PM12h 56m 26s+ 2m 46s12:48 PM54.8°93.032
Apr 7, 20146:19 AM7:18 PM12h 59m 12s+ 2m 45s12:48 PM55.2°93.058
Apr 8, 20146:17 AM7:19 PM13h 01m 57s+ 2m 45s12:47 PM55.5°93.084
Apr 9, 20146:15 AM7:20 PM13h 04m 41s+ 2m 44s12:47 PM55.9°93.110
Apr 10, 20146:14 AM7:21 PM13h 07m 26s+ 2m 44s12:47 PM56.3°93.136
Apr 11, 20146:12 AM7:22 PM13h 10m 09s+ 2m 43s12:47 PM56.7°93.162
Apr 12, 20146:10 AM7:23 PM13h 12m 52s+ 2m 43s12:46 PM57.0°93.188

Do you enjoy having more sunlight each day? 
Do you do anything special to enjoy it?


  1. Beautiful pics Lisa. I like more sunshine for sure but I still don't like getting up in the morning. :)