Monday, June 15, 2015

More Photos off the Newort Cliff Walk

Beautiful Newport Cliff Walk

Neport Cliff Walk

Newport, RI Cliff Walk

The rocks of cliff walk, Newport, RI

Newport Cliff walk caves

It wasn't a sunny day in Newport but it made for easier walking without the heat of the sun. Each year the cliff walk looks a little different as they have built more walls as you can see near the cave. There were 2 caves on the walk, one you need a flashlight and the other was short enough you did not. 

There is also an area of rocks you have to climb over to get to the cave areas so be sure to have something comfortable to walk in if you visit the area. The whole walk is approximately 3.5 miles long. (7 miles if you do both ways).

You may remember from the previous post the beautiful flowers that surrounded the area too. It is so picturesque as you walk along the cliff walk. You can see the back of many of the mansions along the ocean.

Do you have walk anything like this along an ocean near you?


  1. Beautiful place to walk. No, I live in the mountains.

    1. It sure is Happyone, I enjoy the mountains too. A different type of beauty. Thanks for coming by.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Olga, have you ever been? Have a nice day.

  3. Between a romantic walk and a spiritual meditation, i don't know which one to attribute these places to. But surely, i would not be alone