Friday, June 5, 2015

See June Flowers Along the Newport Cliff Walk

Beautiful June Flowers of Newport

flowers along the Newport Cliff Walk

rocks and flowers along the Cliff Walk of Newport

pink flowers of Newport Cliff Walk in June

ocean side pink flowers

June is a pretty time to visit the Newport Cliff Walk in Newport, RI. The flowers look different than July as you can see from a previous post on this area.

Each year I visit this area of the state as it has spectacular views. Each year they do upgrades around the cliff walk. This year there were more garbage cans along the path and more fencing. 

There are still areas that are rocky and can be a little dangerous if one is not careful. It is a National Recreation Trail in a National Historic District. Sadly almost every year there is at least one story of a person losing their life along the cliff walk. 

Have you ever visited Newport or have a cliff walk in your area like this one? 


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    1. Thanks Happyone, have you ever been to Newport?

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    1. Thanks Brenda, it was a beautiful day there. Hope your weekend is going well!