Monday, June 1, 2015

The Pink Spring Flowers in New England

Pink Rhododenrons and Peonies in Bloom

bee on pink flowers

pink rhododendrons

peonies in the rain

pink peony in rain

May has come and gone. June is upon us. The spring flowers have finally blossomed. The rhododendrons popped really well this year. The peony just came out on the last day of May and I got to take a picture this morning in the rain. You may remember the peony is my favorite flower. They have a wonderful scent and the blooms not last long. 

The peony is a perennial plant which makes it easy to keep for years. This one came from my dad's yard many years ago. They also come in white and yellow. Beware that peonies do attract ants though I haven't seen many myself.

Peonies are named after the Greek God Paeon meaning medicine and healing. They are also very popular in China where they are used in their art often.

Do you have peonies or rhododendrons in your area?


  1. I love these pics, Lisa. I'm not a huge flower fan but the colors are just brilliant. I don't have flowers in my yard but in town, around town hall, they have a beautiful assortment of color. Thanks for sharing with us!

    1. Why is that Brenda? I do love the colors of different flowers. I hope to get some white or yellow peonies in the future. You are welcome, have a great day!