Monday, September 28, 2015

Settlers Rock on Block Island

Settlers Rock at Cow Cove

Settlers Rock, Block Island

The Settlers Rock

Settlers Rock at Block Island

Near Settlers Rock, Block Island

Labor Day Weekend I had the pleasure of being on Block Island with friends. It was my first overnight on the island. The sunset was beautiful and the stars were oh so bright. It reminded me of the sky from out West.

This little spot on Block Island that you see above is where the settlers landed and swam to shore bringing the first cows to the island. There are many farms still on the island today. You can drive or bike around and see that most properties are surrounded by old stone walls. It's really breathtaking to see.

farms on Block Island

Do you have anything as old as 1661 near you?


  1. NICE photos.
    No nothing that old around here. Just mountains and trees. : )

    1. Thanks Happyone. I bet the mountains and trees are just as old :) Have a great weekend!