Thursday, October 8, 2015

More Photographs of Block Island in September

More of Block Island Photographs

block Island sunset

block island photograph

block island on the atlantic ocean

Block Island beach

Block Island at sunset is just spectacular! The first photo captures that one. It also was amazing how the sky was so clear once it got dark. You could see many more stars from the island than the mainland. I was so in awe of the nighttime sky that I never even took a photograph. My eyes wanted to capture it all.

The rest of the island during the day is spectacular as well. The views are all picture perfect. The last image is taken from the Block Island Ferry leaving the island. It is the only way to get there unless you fly in. 

Have you been to an island? 
Were the views spectacular if you have? 


  1. These pictures are amazing Lisa! I would love to live by the ocean. :) Thanks for sharing these.

    1. Hi Corina, thanks. Have you ever lived near the ocean Corina? I do like that about Rhode Island, everything is within an hour drive. Thanks for coming by!

  2. I have been to many islands, but never Block Island. I have just seen it from the RI shore and waved to the ferry going there.