Monday, May 16, 2016

Beautiful Day At The South County Bike Path

The South County Bike Path in Rhode Island

old trees of Rhode Island

swarp at south county bike path

geese at south county bike path

chipmunks in Rhode Island

South County Bike Path

Saturday was a beautiful day in Rhode Island with temperatues in the 70's. A perfect day for a 7.5 mile walk at the South County Bike Path

This bike path itself is seven miles long but that would have meant another 7 miles walking back. I'm not quite ready for that. They are in the process of extending it another mile. 

It's been quite some time since I posted on this blog but the views along this walk inspired me to do just that. I have been taking pictures since December but just never made the time to post them yet. This walk inspired me back here.

It was a quite place along the train tracks and swarp area. I saw many of nature's creatures along the way and could hear lots of birds chirping away.

The parking lots were full and I had to use the 3rd lot. But there were not many people that I saw along the way either. Everyone must have been scattered along the 7 mile path.

Do you have a bike path in your area? 
Is it surrounded by nature like this one?

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