Saturday, December 15, 2012

Does It Look Like Winter Is Nearby?

The tree above is so beautiful against the sky I had to stop and take a photo as I drive by it daily. It appears to be quite old with so many many branches and a large trunk. The 2nd photo is of a plant that I have been seeing more of lately around the area. Do you know what they are called? The last photo is the thin frost that appeared yesterday morning reminding us that winter is oh so near.  
The 5 day forecast is beginning to show it too :)

Has it begun to feel like winter in your area?


  1. What is that in the 2nd pic? Almost looks like it should be by the beach. Great pics!

    1. The 2nd pic Brenda is actually a plant in the city and I've been noticing more of them lately too. Thanks. Can't wait to use the new camera phone.

  2. Your photos are beautiful, even if they do remind us that winter is almost here.

  3. We arrived back home (up north) and were greeted by freezing rain. Yep - it's beginning to feel a lot like winter !

    Love that 2nd photo - a grass of some sort, but no idea what specifically.

  4. Hi Rick, I'm not a fan of freezing rain (would rather have the snow). The 2nd picture - it's a plant. It was in the city but I've been seeing more of them around lately. Must be a winter plant?