Saturday, December 22, 2012

Gray Winter Day in December

Gray winter day

flowing river

rocks in the river

winter trees

It has been a gray winter day on this day after the winter solstice and the day after the world was supposed to end.  It was nice to see the river flowing and the trees with some red color to them on this gray day.

The forecast was showing some snow showers but I only saw them on my phone - not from the sky.

snow forecast

What happened to that earlier snow we saw in December? 
 Have you been having snow on this winter day?

If I don't post before Christmas have a very Merry Christmas!  

Christmas wreath
You can tell this was shot on a different day with clear blue skies


  1. Brrr! Those pics look cold! And by the looks of your phone temp, I'm right! Eeek!

    Merry Christmas my friend! Muwah!

  2. Thanks Brenda, it sure was. I did not attempt a walk, I ended up at the gym. I hear we may have snow for Christmas now. But an icy mess after that.

  3. Even in winter there is beauty!

    It was cold at 25 degrees this morning (I did walk) but no snow here at my house. A different story up at Happy Trails where a foot of the white stuff sits on the ground.

  4. I ended up outdoors today too since I friend wanted to meet (always gets me out) I just checked the forecast and we may have SNOW for Christmas - I'm sure you'll be getting some your way :) Have a Merry Christmas!